Jessica and Jacob's Baltimore Engagement


Snow, a serious crap ton of snow threatened to ruin a very special engagement session.  But, through the hard work of a lot of dudes with shovels and some beautiful sunshine the day was saved and Jessica and Jacob could share there Mount Vernon engagement with you.  I really, and I mean REALLY, enjoy shooting engagement sessions downtown.  There's always such cool stuff to find and it somehow manages to change every time yet remain the exact same way it has always been.

These two met back in their college days at University of Baltimore (circa 2011) when they were both a part of the SGA.  They may have butted heads at first, mostly Jessica rejecting Jacob, but fate prevailed when she was tasked with drunk-sitting her future husband.  I do mean future husband because it was at this moment that Jacob asked Jessica to marry him for the first time (no seriously, he did, they told me).  With lots of laughs and many years later Jacob finally popped the question for real and for obvious reasons Jessica said yes.