What Makes Me Different

Unique Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Let's be honest, cause that's what I do (overly so sometimes), there are a ton of wedding photographers.  We are everywhere, like a plague of instagraming and pintresting fools, snapping away while gleefully gawking at the secrets on the backs of our cameras.  If we did a physical weigh-in, it would definitely exceed a metric ton, because there are SO freaking many of us.  So what does that mean when you are looking at my work and considering hiring me versus the many other great options out there?

Well, it can mean a number of things, and the secret is its not all about the photographs...  

1) I'm honest.  If something isn't going as expected I will let you know.  You're not hiring me to lie to you and I don't want to work with you if you want me to lie to you.  That would just end up with a less than stellar product and neither of us would be happy.  Your wedding photographer shouldn't lie to you, that's how terrible photos get taken.  Honesty is key to any relationship (remember that in your marriage).

2) I'm incredibly laid back.  For me, half the fun of shooting a wedding is the excitement and the challenge of an ever changing landscape.  I remember my first wedding, we were going to do the couple's photos after the ceremony.  Well.... it got delayed and the sun set on us.  There's nothing I can do to make the sun come back so we made it work and ended up with some awesome photos!  It was a unique challenge and one that I still look back on fondly. This has grown into me excelling in challenging lighting situations and coming up with some of my most creative work.

3) I refuse to overbook myself.  Yes, I'm running a business.  Yes, making the bottom line is important to me.  BUT, what is more important to me?  Making damn sure I capture your memories and give them to you in the most beautiful way possible.  The best way to do that?  Make sure I have time to focus on you.  There are other wedding photographers out there who are shooting every weekend if not twice a weekend.  How are they supposed to give you and your wedding the time and attention it deserves?  You've put in countless hours making sure every single detail is as perfect as possible.  Isn't it only fair that your wedding photographer give you as much attention as well?

4) The turnaround time.  This goes back to the previous difference to some extent.  You're going to get your photos quick.  How quick?  If it takes me more than 3 weeks to get your photos together you can bet that I'm either dead in a ditch, being held hostage, or the aliens finally took me back to Mars.  Other photographers will tell you 4-8 weeks then deliver in week 9.  Two months to wait for the photographs of your wedding?  That is bull.  I LOVE editing photos.  I get all giddy looking back over the wedding days I've photographed, dialing in the adjustments till they are perfect then yelling to my girlfriend to get her butt in here to look at the amazing thing I created for my couple.

If you've made it this far I'm assuming I've either amused you or you are genuinely curious about working with me.  Either way I really appreciate you reading this whole ridiculous post.  Remember, it is VITAL that you get along with your photographer and that you can build a rapport.  Without this your photographs are going to look awkward and you'll feel uncomfortable the whole time taking them.  If you want to meet me to see if our personalities mesh well hit me up.  We can grab coffee or a beer and just chat; not a sales pitch, not pushing my work, just to see if we can click.  

I hope to hear from you and have an amazing day.


~Brandon C