Why Your Photographer is Afraid to Curse

So you've spoken with a few wedding photographers while trying to figure out who is going to capture your day.  They've replied with a lot of "Oh. My. God. I. Just. Love. [fill in the blank]" and "Oh sweetheart, I'm just so excited and I just love you guys already and [drooly over the top could possibly be covered in glitter if it were possible to email glitter exaggeration]"...... It all comes off as a little much right?  Seems like it might be over the top?  Is this person really like this in person?

Bull Shit.

That person is full of shit, you know it, I know it, and they know it.  They are being fake and frankly (or rather most likely) they are just pandering.  Your head is now spinning, maybe you're angry, hopefully your curious.  Maybe you're thinking, "This dude's an asshole."  And that thought my friends proves my point.

You're hiring a wedding photographer to be a part of your wedding.  They are going to be there with you for ALL of the special moments and all of the fun awesome behind closed doors happenings that the wedding party sees and the guests don't.  When your sister whose had maybe a bit too much Fireball lets out a crazy burp and everyone erupts into laughter (it's happened, I've seen it).  Or when the groom and his boys are arguing the finer points of which quarter back is being a bigger bitch this season.  Shouldn't that be someone you are comfortable around and feel like they are part of your day?

I am 100% here to be real with you.  I cuss, you cuss.  It's like after you've started cussing around your parents, all of a sudden you became much more comfortable with them.  You owe it to yourself to feel comfortable on your wedding day.  

Now slow down with those scenarios of me calling something "shitty" in front of your grandma.  I'm not a fool (well that's not entirely true).  I'm not unprofessional.  Promise I can read a crowd.  

The long and the short of it is you've got to be comfortable with your wedding photographer.  I'm here to make you comfortable.