The Dirty Truth About Wedding Days

Dirty Truth About Wedding Days

Me: Yes!  Wedding Days!  Game face, gear packed and ready to go.  Lets do it. Countless shutter clicks, laughs, and grunts at the camera.  Sore feet, big smile and I'm home.

You: Little sleep! Wedding Day! A million miles a second to a beautiful moment of "I do"s.  Some other random craziness that you kind of remember (maybe?).  Awesome dance party and possibly grabbing a few seconds to eat. Waking up the next day wondering where it all went.


So what is the "Dirty Truth" about wedding days?  What is the scandalous, tabloid jarring, hitting the evening late braking news cycle about wedding days?  Very little of the effort you put in and money you spend will be remembered 5 years from now.





But how?  You've put so much effort into your wedding day; planning every single detail down to coordinating the color of the potpourri in the bathrooms with the accents on your cocktail napkins to give the reception a sense of continuity.  Fret not my worried wedding warrior, there is a way, one thing you can do that will ensure that all of your friends and family remember those amazing details, the beautiful moments, and how amazing you looked in your wedding gown that you busted your butt (literally) to fit into. 


Hiring the right wedding photographer.


It really is that simple.  People remember what they see in photos, especially as time has passed.  You weren't at your parents wedding, but I bet you know what your mom looked like in her wedding dress, how puffy those sleeves were, and how amazing your dad's mullet was.  You have that image tucked away in your head because of the wedding photographs. Your parent's have those photographs because they choose a wedding photographer. Despite what the style was when they got married, they valued their wedding photographs and hiring the right photographer. It's important that you put as much value into it as they did. Just remember that you're spending money on memories; not just your memories but those your children will have too.  No matter who you hire, don't go the cheap photographer route.