Krista and Cam's Fells Point Engagement


I met Krista and Cam through mutual friends. At the time I met them, I’d assumed they’d been together for years. These two just clicked in the way that only couples who have seen it all together can. Turns out, at that time they’d only been together a few years. I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding and engagement. We got to do some really fun and different things with this engagement shoot like be on the roof of their building!

I always find it interesting when I get to hear the same story from two different perspectives. So after photographing their Fells Point engagement, I got the story from each of them about how they met and how they got engaged.

Cam, “So we met online.  Plenty of Fish. I was just about to get into a relationship with this girl when Krista and I started talking and the relationship lasted like 2 months. And I was sad and depressed and my friends took me out to MaGerks and we were all just eating and drinking and all of a sudden I remembered this really pretty girl who started talking to me. And I told my friends and they were like what are you doing. Open up the app and find her! And after a little while I saw her and she was still on the website and I wan like, ‘Omg I’m so lucky I really liked this girl and we have some good conversations and things in common.’ And I messaged her right  at the bar and my friends helped me and like half the bar was helping me with the conversation.”

Krista filled in the blanks from her perspective, “So Cam messaged me initially and it took me a while to respond and when I did he told me he only dated one person at a time (which made me like him even more!) and that he had been on two dates with someone and wanted to see where that was going to go. I was SO dejected. Especially considering I had never even met this person! I talked to my roommate, and I remember standing in the kitchen with her talking about this being so disappointed, showing her his POF profile. And she says, "they've only been on two dates. Just respond and tell him that if it doesn't work out with that other girl to reach back out to you, just leave the door open." That's what I did. I wished him the best and good luck, but let him know that I would still be interested if it did not work out with her. So a few months later, I was at softball and I saw the notification pop up on my phone. I was so excited because I did not think I'd ever hear from him again. Little did I know that on the other end of the phone I was talking not only to him, but several of his friends and half a bar in Fed Hill! haha We had a few online conversations, then exchanged phone numbers and texted and had a few phone calls before we met up for our first date.”

What’s better is each of their perspectives on Cam’s proposal in Fells Point. Cam, “Engagement was dinner and drinks at Annabelle Lee tavern, then a walk by the water in Fells. And I was super nervous and though I could wing the proposal and that was a big fail because I kept just stuttering words. And I got down and once I was in one knee I got this wave of confidence!  And she said yes!” But Krista’s memory is far more forgiving, “I'll just add to the part about the engagement that he certainly did not "fail." It was sweet and sincere and from the heart. He was acting a bit odd all evening and I had an inkling that he was going to do it because he told me to paint my nails earlier in the week and he has never once in our relationship been so directive about my appearance haha He also chose a place where we had been with several of my family members when they came down to visit and was important to us, which is really indicative of how thoughtful he is and how much those connections mean to him. He says he failed, but I think it was perfect for us.”

So the lesson here to you potential proposers out there, don’t tell your SO to paint their nails the day before, find some tricky way to make it happen and not tip them off. I had my fiancé's sisters take her out for a girls day at the salon.

I’m excited to share with you Krista and Cam’s engagement in Fells Point, Baltimore. In a short while (once I’ve photographed it) I’ll share their wedding with you too!