Jessica and Max's Downtown Baltimore Engagement Photos

Fells Point Engagement

Well it was certainly chilly this morning.  In the low 50s when I rolled out of the house on my way to Fells Point.  Standing outside of The Daily Grind sipping on a red-eye and looking out over the Inner Harbor, I could not help but just feel the peace that Baltimore has in the early mornings. Beautiful mornings like this are made for engagement sessions.  I knew that Jessica and Max's engagement photographs in Fells Point were going to be spectacular.

The three of us walked rough cobblestone the streets, piers, and cozy side roads laughing and visiting while we captured some beautiful moments.  Jessica and Max met in their home town a number of years ago at a bar.  They were playing something called bumper pool (which I'd never heard of) when Max "let Jessica win".  Their relationship blossomed from there and these two have been inseparable since.  Recent transplants to Baltimore, they are big fans of Diablo Doughnuts and managed to bring some with them to Federal Hill were we rounding out the engagement photographs with some classic Baltimore vistas.  Full of laughs and love these two are obviously perfect for each other and I wish them the absolute best on their adventures.