Jenni and Brad's 8 Chains North Summer Winery Wedding Photographs


Back in the spring I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a couple that I've known for many years.  In fact, Brad used to live in the room directly below me in college.  Apparently, these two met in our college's computer lab while Brad was attempting to hack the World Bank and Jenni did homework.  I'm not sure the hacking worked but in the end he got something much more valuable than money.  Time passed, they fell in love.  According to Brad its because Jenni has, "pretty hair and a nice butt".  Ask Jenni and she'll tell you it's because they share a sense of humor, intelligence, pragmatism, and willingness to listen (and good butts).  So a few years down the road, Brad did the deed and proposed to Jenni while they were in the ever romantic Cabo San Lucas while on a sunset cruise. 

They had their wedding at 8 Chains North Winery in Leesburg, Virginia. Having not been there myself, I was blown away by how lovely it all was. Nestled amidst farms along a rural road outside the town, 8 Chains North provides the perfect mix of rustic appeal with clean and contemporary wines and dining.  It's an amazing place to get married. Jenni and Brad had there wedding outside, under the gazebo just before the most stunning of sunsets.  After their beautiful wedding ceremony at the winery, we walked the vineyard and captured some amazingly romantic photographs. 

My only wish is that I got to travel with them on their honeymoon in Europe.