Mary and Steve's Herrington on the Bay Wedding


Did you know that Molly is the Irish nickname for Mary?  I didn't until I photographed Mary and Steve's wedding.  Confused the hell out of me when people kept talking about how beautiful Molly is.  There I am thinking, 'Who the HELL is Molly?!?  Shouldn't these people be excited about the bride?'  Come to find out the nickname thing and that the groom and myself are the only ones that call the bride Mary.  Confusing right? 

As I'm sure some of you remember, I photographed this stud and beauty's engagement over the summer at their home Mary and Steve's Engagement.  A home that happens to be walking distance from their wedding venue; Herrington on the Bay.  If rain on your wedding day is good luck, these two got it by the bucket loads.  We did manage to sneak in some KILLER night shots of these two.  There's something about working in tricky lighting situations that just gets my creative juices going.