Amy and Jon's Farm House Wedding


Jon and Amy contacted me about a 3 months prior to their wedding day. They'd been engaged for a while but they had finally decided it was time to tie the knot.  These two had been childhood friends, attending the same youth group and church when they were teenagers.  As time often does, it separated them and took them down different paths.  Well the Fates aligned and brought Jon and Amy back together, sparking love in their lives and bringing two truly adventurous spirits a companion.

They got married at an old farm house in western Maryland, built in the 1700s, that is still in operation today.  The day was quite, different than what I'm accustomed to in downtown Baltimore.  Just animals mulling about, a few voices from guests who'd arrived early, and giggles from Amy and her bridesmaids as they put the final touches on their homemade bouquets (which turned out beautifully).  Before the wedding ceremony started, two of their friends began playing acoustic music adding to the already serene and old world feel of the day.  Their wedding was simple; simple in the way that holds beauty and allows the viewer to appreciate the folksy and rustic details in earnest. 

This is the way a rustic farm wedding should be done.