Looking Back at 2016 and Forward to 2017

Baltimore Wedding Photographer, Brandon C Photo, capturing a beautiful bubble exit from a Fall wedding in Maryland.

Wow, another year down.  To say this last year flew by would be an understatement!  Between listing my house for sale, having that sale fall through, my parents moving to Tennessee and shooting more than twice the weddings I did last year and becoming far more active with my website I feel like the year was one for the books.  So lets touch back on the things that happened in 2016 shall we?

Beautiful first look at the Delaplaine Arts Center wedding in downtown Frederick, Maryland.


1) I'm still a Baltimore wedding photographer.  This may seem like an odd point for number one on my list but hear me out.  Lots of businesses fail in their first few years.  The go belly up and have to close the doors.  This was not the case for me, thank god.  Business is growing and I continue to photograph weddings in Baltimore and slowly expanding around the state.  Speaking of which...

2) I photographed my first destination wedding.  Now some might not consider Hudson, Ohio a destination, but I do.  It's this amazing little town nestled in central Ohio.  When Hollywood goes about depicting "Americana" in its purest form, this town is always its template.  It's almost surreal and worth visiting if you've got the time.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss at Union Station in Washington DC before their Brewery Wedding.

3) I photographed a wedding in a Brewery! I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of some of my close friends in a brewery in Washington DC; Right Proper Brewing.  It was SO cool, not only did I get to photograph inside the brewery I also got to photograph around Union Station and on the streets of DC.  You can check out the blog post in a few weeks.

4) I learned more creative techniques. This past spring I had the opportunity to go to a workshop with some pretty amazing photographers.  We talked everything from the wedding day timeline, to editing, and (my favorite) creative techniques.  Its with their help that I was able to bring even more creativity to the wedding photography scene here in Baltimore.

Beautiful, unique wedding photography at sunset on a farm in Western Maryland.

2017 (aka the year my I become a Wedding Photography Master)

1) I'm going to continue to improve this website.  A year ago I said I was going to blow up this website for a new one on a new platform.  Well, shit happens and that new platform is shit.  It's godawful. Bleck, bad taste in my mouth from those folks.  So I will continue to share my beautiful wedding and engagement photography from across Baltimore and Maryland on this lovely little gem that I currently call home.

2) Drink more beer with my couples.  I just like beer, don't judge me, join me.  Plus meeting over coffee (though its my second favorite beverage) leads to me talking way too fast.

3) Learn something new.  There's countless techniques and styles of wedding photography and well photography in general.  Wedding photography requires that the photographer know everything from traditional portraiture, to food photography, to documentarian photography.  It also requires the photographer to be talented at shooting in the most challenging of lighting situations (something that I a damn good at btw). So this year I'm going to continue to expand my experience base and master wedding photography by mastering the other disciplines.

4) Print more photographs.  This last year I bought the company a beautiful professional photographic printer.  Watching my first page roll off the machine brought the BIGGEST smile to my face.  I've printed quite a bit over the time I've had it but I plan on printing even more. There's something so special about being able to hold a photograph of a special moment in your hands.  I've even almost filled my first photo album!

5) Explore instant film photography. I got Anna a Fuji Instax camera for Christmas, I've definitely used it more than her.  Goes back to wanting to print more photographs but it just has the instant gratification side of things.  I've been drooling over the beautiful instant cameras created by Lomography and desperately want to add one to my collection.  I just need to figure out which one...

This Herrington on the Bay wedding in Eastern Maryland had a storm on their wedding day but it lead to the most Amazing couples portraits.

And we bring another amazing year to a close (only two weeks late).  I'm stoked to see all the amazing weddings I photograph this year and even more excited to meet all of the amazing people I'll be photographing.  I hope you reach out to me if you need an amazing wedding photographer in the Baltimore area.  To many more adventures, days to remember, and tons of photographs.


Brandon C Photo, Baltimore wedding photographer.