Emilee and Zach's U.S. Air Force Summer Wedding


In the off chance you'd forgotten (because, like me, you're bundled up, shivering over your 3rd cup of hot coffee), this last summer was blazing hot.  Like tar bubbles and cooking eggs on the hood of your car hot.  The day that these two got married, it was 102 at the peak and cooled down to 95 by the time they had their sparkler exit.  I use the term, "cooled down", lightly.  Despite me melting, these two kept cool and looked amazing on their wedding day; must have been that Air Force training that they'd received.

Emilee and Zach got married on the land next to the house his father built out in cow country near Frederick.  They both looked amazing and the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Despite being stationed states apart, it's obvious how close they are.  You could see the love in their eyes as they said "I do" before the beautiful country stretching behind them.  I hope these photos help warm you on another chilly day.