Samantha and Mike's Patapsco Female Institute Wedding


Ever have one of those things that you're just so excited to do that you keep thinking about it?  It's just glued to the forefront of your brain for days, "I'm totally going to do this thing and it's going to be great!"  But then because you'd been thinking about it so much you just totally blank on the execution?  Is that just me?  Well it happened with this blog post because the Patapsco Female Institute is so freaking cool!  I'd spent so much time thinking about posting this wedding to my blog that my brain said I'd already done it.

Sam and Mike got married this last summer almost when that CRAZY storm wiped out most of Ellicott City.  Safely nestled up on a hill, overlooking the city, is the Patapsco Female Institute.  Its the shell of a old school that's been renovated and turned into an open air venue.  Does that make it "old-school cool"?  Dad jokes aside, it's a beautiful wedding venue and these two filled it with love.  Their gorgeous wedding matched the colors of the Institute and it couldn't have been more perfect.  Samantha's family even managed to get her dad's old convertible up and running just for the wedding.