Kyle and Rina's Annapolis Engagement


These photos may be old but the story is important.  Shortly after deciding to start my photography business some close friends of mine asked me to shoot engagement photos of them in Annapolis.  Now I've known Kyle my entire life, his father and my father have been best friends since high school.  So having the opportunity to photograph him with his fiance Rina was a really an honor.  

This was my first engagement shoot and I was quite nervous.  I'd never photographed two people before let alone doing posing like this.  Being that I was so close with the two of these really helped.  They put me at ease and I was able to put them at ease.  The photographs turned out amazing.  After this shoot I knew that I wanted to continue to photograph weddings,  engagements, and anything else that would allow me to capture the truly special moments between people in love.  

I've come a long way since this shoot but these remain some of my favorite photos.  If you're interested in working with me please reach out.  I'd love the opportunity to capture your special moments.