Bethany and Mark in Fells Point


I've wanted to do an engagement photo shoot in Fells Point for quite a while now, Bethany and Mark gave me that chance.  We met early on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning and proceeded to wonder around the cute historic residential area that surrounds one of my favorite neighborhoods to grab a drink, particularly a good beer (gotta love Max's Tap House).  Bethany and Mark met while working for the same company a few years back.  According to Mark he knew he wanted to ask Bethany out so he waited till the right moment and his timing couldn't have been better.  These two have been together ever since.  An amazingly laid back couple, we wondered around while joking and laughing and captured some amazing moments.  This is the kind of shoot I really enjoy, where its like 3 friends hanging out with a camera (thankfully I'm not in any of the photos).  To Mark's dismay Bethany did refuse to take any photos with the University of Maryland flag in the background, there is a bit of college rivalry still going on between these two.  All in all we had a great time and wrapped up the morning by walking down to the pier and getting photos with their awesome dog Watson, he certainly wasn't camera shy!  Engagement photography is so much fun for me, there is always so much energy in the couples with the excitement of their big day building in the time to come and the love you can always see between them.  Enjoy.