Carolyn and Josh's Federal Hill Engagement


Engagement photography is a lot of fun.  While that is a bland statement if there ever was one, allow me to elaborate.  Engagement photography is fun because it is such a unique and relaxed type of shoot.  You the couple, has no external pressures on you (at least not the ones that exist on a wedding day or in a family shoot) and I (the photographer) get to play around and make beautiful moments.

Carolyn and Josh are an awesome couple in that they are incredibly laid back and so damn in love.  We met up on the top of Federal Hill, always one of my favorite views of the city, on a beautiful Fall day.  At the start of the shoot I told them, "Ok, now no doing cutesy stuff when my camera isn't on my face or when I've looked away."  "Got it," Josh said   laughingly.  I looked away for 10 seconds to check my lighting and when I turn back they are nuzzling....  Well this continued to happen a few more times but in the end I think we got some amazing shots.